Voice To Translate

voice to translate is an iOS app available in App Store, This translator app dedicated for voice to voice translation. also you can have text or voice translation by your desire. it translate voice to more than 80 languages with no need to use keyboard. just talk to the app. it uses ​Siri technology , very easy to use , easy to share , with lots of great features

Voice To Translate Screeen Shot in iPad and iPhone jetblack

Voice To Voice

specialised app to translate your voice

Easy to Share

You can share the result with iMessage, Skype, Twitter, eMail....

iMessage app

talk to the iMessage app , select the language and send the translated talk to your friend .(FREE)

One Touch

Start Speaking, Stop & Save by one tap


Voice To Translate app is easy to use Translator

Select Your Favorite Language

from more than 80 languages

Voice Dictation

you can have voice or text as ​result


you can edit the translated text

Voice to Text available for apple watch

Offline Phrasebook

not included in price

3D touch

3D Touch enabled actions quick and simple

Siri technology

voice to translate is using ​Siri technology

We Respect to User Privacy

Our User's privacy is our top priority. None of our apps collect or store personal information. We do not incorporate social media software within our apps. None of our apps use email, phone or webcam features inherent with smartphone or tablet devices. Our FREE apps include in-app purchase for upgrades to the apps and the payment transactions are via App stores (Apple).



Amazing Features

  • Universal App ( iPad, iPhone)
  • Translator Application
  • Specialised App to Translate Your Voice
  • Talk and Translate With No Need To Use Keyboard
  • End Speech Detection
  • Select Your favorite language from the list
  • It Translate To More Than 80 Languages
  • You Can Have Voice or Text as ​Result of Translation.
  • You Can Edit The Result
  • Speak To Foreigners in Different Languages (with the help of this app)
  • You Can Share The Result With iMessage, Skype, Twitter, eMail....
  • iMessage app (100% free)
  • Talk to the iMessage App , Select the Language and Send the Translated talk to your friend . It is Easy and amazing


Voice To Translate is easy to use Translator

  • 3D touch
  • It is Using ​Siri Technology
  • Offline Phrasebook (not included in price)
  • The App Understand Your Accent
  • this app supports 3 hours talking to the translator , nonstop
  • a great app for ​people who travels
  • great tool to help people , in their international business
  • by using this app during travel, ​ it's easy to communicate with ​foreigner
  • cover your needs during vacation , by using this app to communicate
  • Idiom collection, this app includes a collection of the most common idiomatic expressions, sorted by categories. This will help you a lot during your trips.
  • auto saving conversation in device and you can use as Offline
  • convert voice to text , convert voice to translate
  • help is available
  • unlimited translate (not included in price)


Voice To Translate
Voice To Translate
Voice To Translate
Voice To Translate
Voice To Translate



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